Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Phase one of two.

Hello there! This is the first our development blog entry and we are going to say about the plans we have for this project, hte current phase of development and about the program itself of course!

Well, let's start from end and at first it's worth to say about reasons that motivated us to make it.
The most of really good drawing software are proprietary and we can't change or add, or remove anything. Sure there's scripts and pluins, but what if you don't want to pay for the programs like Photoshop? Sure there's cheap and easy software but they are not advancing anymore or just doing it slow. But on the other side, open source drawing software does not satisfy us for many reasons like extremely poor usability or overshoot of drawing tools simulating.

So! Due to described above, we decided to make our drawing program with Bridge and Courtesans what would be really handy for digital drawing and extending.

From version to version we are going to go in tho phases: first — researching phase with releasing apltha/beta and demo versions, and second  —  development phase, where we will implement the stable code.

The nearest plans are: to make color mixing and blending at level of most popular drawing software; to make the core and the base of UI of the program; to make Alptha version with full functional( and might be with tons of bugs! ).

Thank you!