Saturday, July 20, 2013

News after a long time of silence!

Hello there again!
We're so sorry for so long time without news, but now we're going to say all about current changes and what we're working on.

So, the most necessary thing we have to say is the working tool system: now it's possible add almost any tool and soon enough the base of them will be added.
We mean the brushes which support all of important digitalis's futures like pressure, tilt, etc.
But before it, we have some tickets to close.

1. Global graphic tablet options. (on progress)
2. Faster render. (done, but still not in the tree )
3. Filters. (on progress, will be added with new render)
4. File export/import system as plugins. (on progress)
4.1 Own native file format. (draft specification is done, initial loads is done)

So. Why did we choose own file format instead of OpenRaster, for example?
It's simple -- there's not place for the vector but we'll plan to use it. Another formats are not suitable for many reasons, as well. So, because of that, we decided to make our own format with everything we want.
Anyway, Palette Swap will export and import many formats like: psd, png, tga, etc.

Thank you and don't be upset to rare commits, we are making the program, anyway!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Repository reorganization

Hello and here are some news...

...and they consist in reorganization of the code repository, so I've cleaned up the mess, removed needless files, especially some math docs.
Also, I've accepted the following branching scheme:
    master as master,
    release for releases tags.
    develop for development process,
    multiple futures branches for futures(thanks, CO!)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Just screenshot

Yope, just a screenshot of morning styling, but lots of works anyway. :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Good news everyone!..

And the news are really good! OpenSAI is finally painting!
Sure, there're many of bugs, but I think it is the landmark anyway. Because the bugs will be fixed soon.

Some changelog:
* Layers control widget.
* Settings manager window.
* The painting and render pipeline.
* Navigation and preview widget.
* Primary/secondary color widget(works without bugs! Absolutely finished widget)
* Tool's settings.
* Piemenu for the canvas. (Will be more augmentable, for example the possibility to hook any action to the menu)
* OS X compatibility, thanks to John Wells for the pull request!

So, the screenshot in addition.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Goals for the version #1

Hey ya'all! There's some goals we are going to do for the program, and we will mark the ones what were done. And add some if there will be new.

Goals for v.1


— User interface customization.
— Native graphic formats support: ora, png, psd, jpg, bmp, sai
— Plug-ins system.
Full graphic tablet support: pressure, rotation, tilt, tangential pressure.
Rotation, moving, scaling, flipping the canvas.
Navigation-preview widget.
Hue and Saturation.
— Layers tree: creating, deleting, selecting, moving, cleaning, setting params(blending method, opacity, texture)
Stroke stabilization.
Canvas area selecting.
Selected area transformation: rotation, scaling, warping etc.
— Selecting the area by the color.
— Filters supporting.
Undo/Redo system
— ...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some big changes...

Well hello, readers!
Here are some good news. Namly, we have moved our git repository to, so now it's placed at
And also we have got  replenishments by way of the one wonderful programmer, who named FreeSlave, so because of it, the way to alpha will be faster, I hope.

Well, as a small news, some good guy made gentoo overlay with OpenSAI
It says that our program is needful for someone! Yay!

In addiction, we'll public the list of goals/ideas soon and will start the polling for features what can be brought in next version.