Monday, February 4, 2013

Parallel rails

Hi there! It seems we are going to accelerate OpenSAI core by using OpenMP and it's really reasonable, I think. For example, one layer of ARGB pixels with 8120x8120 definition reservs about 251 mb...

Anyway, we've already started to make the UI and established tiwh conditions for the alpha.
It will contain:

  • Layers, folders, blending colors between them, opticity of each layer, deleting, moving...
  • Painting, color mixing with all possible settings it can has.
  • Scaling, moving, rotating and reflecting of the canvas.
  • Shapes for brushes.
  • Supporting next formats: PNG, ORA, JPEG, BMP.
  • Whole prototype of UI.
  • Pallet...
  • Basic simple tools set: brush, eraser, pen...
  • Textures for layers and brushes.

You can probably think that described above is too easy and you're right! But it's really good target for the simple alpha, and the whole way to the release we will do by this scheme: research|realisation->next version.

Thanks for the reading, in next entry I'll show you the real progress with screenshots of test renders and comparison them with references, initial version of UI.
See ya!