Saturday, July 20, 2013

News after a long time of silence!

Hello there again!
We're so sorry for so long time without news, but now we're going to say all about current changes and what we're working on.

So, the most necessary thing we have to say is the working tool system: now it's possible add almost any tool and soon enough the base of them will be added.
We mean the brushes which support all of important digitalis's futures like pressure, tilt, etc.
But before it, we have some tickets to close.

1. Global graphic tablet options. (on progress)
2. Faster render. (done, but still not in the tree )
3. Filters. (on progress, will be added with new render)
4. File export/import system as plugins. (on progress)
4.1 Own native file format. (draft specification is done, initial loads is done)

So. Why did we choose own file format instead of OpenRaster, for example?
It's simple -- there's not place for the vector but we'll plan to use it. Another formats are not suitable for many reasons, as well. So, because of that, we decided to make our own format with everything we want.
Anyway, Palette Swap will export and import many formats like: psd, png, tga, etc.

Thank you and don't be upset to rare commits, we are making the program, anyway!