Saturday, April 6, 2013

Goals for the version #1

Hey ya'all! There's some goals we are going to do for the program, and we will mark the ones what were done. And add some if there will be new.

Goals for v.1


— User interface customization.
— Native graphic formats support: ora, png, psd, jpg, bmp, sai
— Plug-ins system.
Full graphic tablet support: pressure, rotation, tilt, tangential pressure.
Rotation, moving, scaling, flipping the canvas.
Navigation-preview widget.
Hue and Saturation.
— Layers tree: creating, deleting, selecting, moving, cleaning, setting params(blending method, opacity, texture)
Stroke stabilization.
Canvas area selecting.
Selected area transformation: rotation, scaling, warping etc.
— Selecting the area by the color.
— Filters supporting.
Undo/Redo system
— ...